Five baby birds began to feather and "walk" after being nursed for 10 days
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On the afternoon of June 12, after a rainfall, when Mr. Jiang Mengyue, a staff of an aquatic technology company in Baoluo Town, Wenchang City, was on the way to work, he found a bird's nest fell in the grass in which there were 5 hairless baby birds.

Having waited for several days, Mr. Jiang still didn't see the presence of the mother bird, so he moved the nest into the workshop next to the grass, and took the initiative to take care of the five baby birds.

After 10 days of care by Mr. Jiang, the five listless baby birds have feathered and begun to learn to "walk" on the grass.

As it is the breeding season of birds, the activities of birds are more frequent. Li Bo, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Center of the Hainan Charity Federation, reminded the public that best way to deal with baby birds dropped on the ground is to put them on nearby trees or in a hidden place, waiting for their parents to nurture them, and it is difficult for non-professionals to intervene in the natural survival training of birds.

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